About us

Systems Approaches in Public Health is a new blog, arising from the growing interest in Public Health professionals and practitioners about understanding populations as systems and/or as complex social processes  and understanding how this insight can be turned into practical ways of improving and protecting the health of populations.  We are not for profit.

We are not for profit and undertake this in addition to our day jobs.  Please see our terms of use and content policy which we will assume every reader and user agrees to adhere to. In particular, all content on this site is Copyrighted (C) 2017 onwards by the Service and the Moral Right of the Authors of each and all pieces is asserted. You may link to content but beyond reasonable use of quotes and references, which must be attributed, you may not copy material from the site.  A creative commons licence will be established shortly.


We welcome blog submissions both thinking and theory, and application.  Blog posts can be in several forms

Events - short posts about events

Research Digest - 500-1000 words summarising research

Comment - posts of between 500 words and 1500 words

Applications pieces - pieces between 800 and 2,000 words dealing with an application of systems approaches

Theory and Thinking - pieces between 800 and 1,200 words designed to help people think through theory and approaches to systems

Reviews  -  reviews of a book, website or resource that is important for thinking or practice

Submission Guidelines coming soon